March 8th, 2016

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Sunday 6th March - Monday 7th March

WILLIAM: Yet her smell, it doth linger, painting pictures in my mind. Her eyes, balls of honey. Angel's harps her laugh. Oh, lark. Grant a sign if crook'd be Cupid's shaft. Hark, the lark, her name it hath spake. "Cecily" it discharges from twixt its wee beak.
MOTHER: (proud) Oh, William....
WILLIAM: It's just...scribbling.
MOTHER: Nonsense. It's magnificent. I wonder, though. This Cecily of whom you write so often...
WILLIAM: (uncomfortable) Oh.
MOTHER: Would that be the Underwood's eldest girl?
WILLIAM: Uh, no, uh, no. I do not presume.
MOTHER: She's lovely. You shouldn't be alone. You need a woman in your life.
WILLIAM: I have a woman in my life.
MOTHER: But you ne? (giggles) Oh... (giggles)
WILLIAM: Well, do not mistake me. I still have hopes that one day there will be an addition to this household, but I will always look after you, mother. This, I promise.

~~Lies My Parents Told Me~~

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