March 29th, 2016

Editor SU Herald
  • gillo

Sunday 27th March - Monday 28th March

SPIKE: Checked out Glory's flat - looks like the Great One has scampered.
GILES: Gone to perform her ritual with Dawn. And leaving us entirely clueless.
(Spike lights up a cigarette right in front of a "no smoking" sign)
SPIKE: Not entirely. I know this bloke. Well, not so much a "bloke" so much as demon, but still - Bookish. All tuned in to the nastier corners of this, our magic world. Bit of a last resort, really, but still... ... Might persuade him to suss out Glory's game plan. Sound worthy? Off we go, then. (to Giles) Meet back at the shop?

~~The Weight of the World ~~

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