May 29th, 2016

Sunnydale Herald, Saturday May 28th 2016

FRED: He just saved the world. Vampire with a soul fighting for the good of humanity. Ring anything? He's just like you, a champion. ANGEL (crosses his arms): God, I really hate that word. FRED: Think of what an asset he'd be fighting on our side.
ANGEL: Except he won't be. I know Spike better than anyone, and he only cares about himself.
FRED: And Buffy.
EVE: Well, this is getting interesting.
ANGEL (rolls his eyes): You're right. He does care about Buffy. So, where do you think he's gonna run off to as soon as his fresh, new feet hit the ground?
FRED: Is that what this is about? You're afraid he's gonna come back and try to get with your ex again?
ANGEL: I just want you to be careful, Fred, because I know how charming Spike can be.
EVE: He is quite the dish, with those eyes...
FRED: And the hair and the cheeks. What do you think I am, stupid? I know he's been playing me with the looks and the smiles. I'm not some idiot schoolgirl with a crush.
ANGEL: Then what is it?
FRED: It's about doing what's right. Remember?
ANGEL: Your department. Your call. Just don't be disappointed if it doesn't work. Some people can't be saved.
</p> ~~HellBound~~</p>

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