August 16th, 2016

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Newsletter Sunday 14th August - Monday 15th August

WILLOW: The bronze is more fun this year, isn't it?
BUFFY: 'Cause of the gloating factor alone, you know? We're all about college now. We've got heady discourse.
OZ: Yeah. Curfew-free nights of mom and popless hootenanny.
XANDER: Coed dating prospects who find townies sexy and dangerous. What, I can dream.
BUFFY: Right. So if college is so great, what are we doing here and why is it more fun?
WILLOW: Because the Bronze is nice and familiar. It's like a big comfy blanky.
OZ: I was under the impression that I was your big comfy blanky.
WILLOW: Aw, you're my my person blanky. This is my place blanky. You know, with all the shock of the new, it's nice to have one place that you can come back to where everything's predictable.

~~Wild at Heart~~

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