November 1st, 2016

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  • gillo

Newsletter, Sunday 30th - Monday 31st October

SPIKE: (watching video of Buffy fighting) Here it comes. Rewind that. Let's see that again. (chuckles) She's tricky. Baby likes to play. You see that? The way she stakes him with that thing? That's what's called resourceful. Rewind it again.
DRUSILLA: Miss Edith needs her tea.
SPIKE: C'mere, poodle.
DRUSILLA: Do you love my insides? The parts you can't see?
SPIKE: Eyeballs to entrails, my sweet. That's why I've got to study this Slayer. Once I know her I can kill her. And once I kill her you can have your run of Sunnyhell. Get strong again.
DRUSILLA: Don't worry. Everything's switching. Outside to inside. It makes her weak.
SPIKE: Really? Did my pet have a vision?
DRUSILLA: Do you know what I miss? Leeches.

~~Halloween ~~

We wish all our readers a happy Halloween. Just remember, if you're a vampire or a demon, it is tacky to prowl abroad tonight. Stay home and feed off your family.

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