February 2nd, 2020

daniel osbourne, gracenm, Oz
  • gracenm

The Sunnydale Herald Newsletter, Saturday, February 1-Sunday, February 2

Fade in on a beach, daytime. Buffy runs into the camera's view and catches a football.
BUFFY: Ha! Touchdown! Oh yeah. Go team me. (She does a victory dance)
Shot of Riley grinning. Buffy throws him the ball; he catches it with a frown.
RILEY: Anybody ever tell team you the quarterback throws like a girl? (Throws the ball back)
BUFFY: (catches the ball, frowning) I do?
Riley gives a "well, yeah" shrug. Buffy frowns, takes a grip on the ball and throws it. It hits Riley in the face and he falls down.
BUFFY: (concerned) Ooh, sorry!

~~Buffy vs. Dracula~~

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