February 3rd, 2020


The Sunnydale Herald Newsletter - Monday, February 3rd

Wesley: “You should understand, the man I work for means a great deal to me. And I will not give you a single red cent. What I will do, Sir, is beat it out of you if I have to.”

~~The Ring~~

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  • AO3 Logo
    • Strawberry Fields Chapter 50 (Buffy/Spike, E) by HollyDB
    • Choices Chapter 35 (Buffy/Spike, M) by EllieRose101
    • Escape the day Chapter 1 (Xander, T) by eleutheria_has_won
    • Demons Old & New Chapter 11 (SPN crossover, E) by HollyDB
    • Robo-Cook. Chapter 7 (Buffybot, T) by steeleye
    • Far-fetched Chapter 10 (MCU crossover, Buffy/Steve, T) by Aeolist
  • Elysian Fields
    • The House of the Cursed Bloodletting Chapter 3 (Buffy/Spike, NC17) by maryperk
    • Tomorrow's Concern Chapter 2 (Buffy/Spike, NC17) by EllieRose101
    • LA Is the Hell You Make It Chapter 25 (Buffy/Spike, Adult) by Touchstoneaf
  • FFNet Logo
    • Sugar Coated Heart Shaped Pout Chapter 1 (Buffy/Angel, T) by butimbroken
  • WWW Logo
    • Iron Coin Chronicles: The Silver Summer Chapter 1 (FR15) by KyliaQuilor

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