March 1st, 2020

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The Sunnydale Herald Newsletter, February 29, 2020

Buffy: Angel.
Angel: Hi. Can I come in?
Buffy: (softly) I guess.
Angel: Uh, I need a little more than that.
Buffy: Oh. Um...come in.

(He walks inside past her, and she closes the door. He turns to face her, and she takes notice of the blood on his temple and his split bottom lip.)

Buffy: You're hurt.
Angel: You too.
Buffy: I'll live. You want to tell me who ran your face into that doorknob?
Angel: Not really. It's not world-in-peril stuff.
Buffy: Let me guess. You thought of something else really hurtful to say, and--well, you couldn't tell me on the phone because the funniest part is that look on my face--
Angel: Buffy, please. I really don't have a lot of time.
Buffy: (concerned) What's going on?

(The door bursts open and Riley steps in, steadying himself against the shelf of Willow's desk. He raises his arm and aims the Beretta in his hand at Angel, thumbing back the hammer.)

Riley: I told you you weren't coming near her.

(Buffy takes in his battered appearance.)

Buffy: You've got to be kidding me. This is why you came?
Angel: No. This was an accident.
Buffy: Running a car into a tree is an accident! Running your fist into somebody's face is a plan! Please, explain this to me!
Angel: (to Riley) Put that gun down.
Riley: It's pretty much all I got left, so I'm thinking not. He attacked four of my men, Buffy. I think he's up to his old tricks.
Buffy: He won't hurt anybody. (to Angel) Tell him.
Angel: (still to Riley) Might hurt you.
Riley: Please try.
Angel: Heh. Some threat. You can barely stand.
Riley: Trigger finger feels okay.
Angel: (to Buffy) You actually sleep with this guy?

(While Angel's head's turned, Riley punches him in the face. Angel quickly hits him back.)

Buffy: Okay, stop it!

(Buffy steps in between them and shoves them apart. Riley slams back against Willow's desk, and Angel goes flying onto Willow's bed.)

Buffy: Okay, that's enough! I see one more display of testosterone poisoning and I will personally put you both in the hospital!

(She glances back and forth between them. Riley and Angel are glaring at each other.)

Buffy: Anybody think I'm exaggerating?
Angel: He started--

(Buffy points a warning finger at him, and he wisely shuts up. She gives him a "working my last nerve" look and walks over to Riley.)

Buffy: (softly) Riley. (glances at his gun)
Riley: I'm sorry. (holsters it) Just wanted to know that you were safe.
Buffy: (gently) I need to talk to Angel for a minute.
Riley: What?!
Buffy: Riley, please.

(He looks over at Angel, who's just sitting down on the bed, elbows resting on his knees. He looks down at Buffy again.)

Riley: I'm not leaving this room. (crosses his arms) I mean it.

(Riley glares at Angel. Buffy looks over her shoulder and gives Angel a slight tilt of her head, then walks past Riley to the door. Angel stands up to follow her and doesn't even bother to hide the smirk on his face as he passes Riley. He closes the door, and Riley is left alone.)

Riley: Not moving a muscle.

(In the empty hall, Buffy turns on Angel.)

Buffy: Okay. I come to see you to help you, and you treat me like I'm just...your ex.

Angel: Well, technically--

Buffy: Shut up! And, then you order me out of your city, and then you come here and start pounding on my boyfriend?! I would really like to know what the HELL are you trying to do!
Angel: I was trying to make things better.

(She regards his sincere expression and can't keep from laughing. It becomes contagious because Angel can't help but to smile.)

Angel: Heh. Well. (chuckles) It's--uh--going pretty good, don't you think?
Buffy: (smiling) Swell.
Angel: You know--heh. (seriously) I couldn't leave it like that. The way I spoke to you--I came to apologize. I--I had no right.
Buffy: And, Riley?
Angel: I got jumped by some soldiers. He came in, in the middle and wasn't real forthcoming with the benefit of the doubt.
Buffy: Put yourself in his place.
Angel: I get it.
Buffy: weren't entirely wrong, what you said in L.A. (She meets his eyes.) We don't live in each other's worlds anymore. I had no right to barge in on yours and make judgments.
Angel: I'm still sorry.
Buffy: Thank you.
Angel: And, next time...I'll apologize by phone. (Buffy laughs softly) Uh, things are pretty tense around here.
Buffy: They really are.
Angel: Can I do anything?
Buffy: Honestly? I think the best thing you can do right now is--
Angel: (nodding) Okay.
Buffy: It means a lot that you came.

(Angel looks at her for a moment, then starts walking down the hall. Buffy is heading to her door when Angel turns around again.)

Angel: Oh, and...Riley?
Buffy: Yeah?
Angel: I don't like him.

~~'The Yoko Factor,' from Web Archive's copy of with edits for space, grammar, and punctuation by me where not directly affecting dialogue essence. (Essentially, I did what commercial TV networks do to movies.)~~

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The Sunnydale Herald Newsletter, Sunday, March 1

Buffy: Love has nothing to do with this.
Xander: Maybe not, but I'll tell you this: people don't fall in love with what's right in front of them.
Willow gives Buffy a sad, knowing look.
Xander: People want the dream. What they can't have.
Willow looks over at Xander longingly. Buffy understands only too well.
Xander: The more unattainable, the more attractive.

~~Some Assembly Required~~

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