March 4th, 2020


The Sunnydale Herald Newsletter, Tuesday, March 3 - Wednesday, March 4

CORDELIA: When you?re through giving the place the full Johnny-Depp-over, I hope you have the cash to pay for all of this.
SPIKE: Cordelia. Love the hair.
CORDELIA: Wish I could say the same to you.
DOYLE: That's close enough, dimwit.
SPIKE: What is it with you good guys running in packs? Who is this one then?
DOYLE: More than meets the eye, blondie.
SPIKE: Ooo, the Mick's got spine! Maybe I'll snap it in two.
CORDELIA: Do you want me to use this?
SPIKE: You'll be dead before that arrow leaves the bow. (Cordelia lowers the crossbow slightly) Now where was I? Bloody tired of looking for that ring. I think you two should take over now.

~~In the Dark (AtS Season 1)~~

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Hi All!

We'd like to say a fond goodbye to Gracenm, who's leaving the Herald to focus on other projects. We're very sorry to see her go, but fear not! We already have an able replacement in Nondenomifan (staycalmandbeafan on Tumblr), who will be taking over Saturdays! Please give her a warm welcome!

HOWEVER, if you're kicking yourself and saying "Darn, I thought this was my big chance to be a Herald editor, and I'm tragically too late!" FEAR NOT! You are not tragically too late! We are still short one (1) editor! Yours truly has been doing double posts on Wednesdays for awhile now, and truth be told, yours truly is getting a teeny bit tired of it. What we're hoping to do is find someone willing to take on Sundays, so Fancyflautist and I can alternate Double Post Wednesdays. Being an editor is a great way to contribute to fandom and keep the Buffyverse flame burning! So if you're interested, please send me (rahirah) an ask on Tumblr or a message on Livejournal or Dreamwidth!