March 18th, 2020


The Sunnydale Herald Newsletter, Tuesday, March 17 - Wednesday, March 18

ANGEL: I taught him well.
CORDELIA: A real psycho-wan-kenobi.
WESLEY: 200 years practice. I imagine he's got it down by now.
CORDELIA: No lie. Gallagher’s changed his act more often than this dude has in the last two centuries. Why do you think he’s still doing the same old schtick?
WESLEY: Well, I mean, it’s a classic, isn’t it? (Smiles) Every time he smashes that watermelon with a sledgehammer I just...
ANGEL: I don’t know why.
WESLEY: You don’t suppose it’s his way of trying to draw you out? That he knows you’re here. That might explain the dreams.
ANGEL: No. I used to have a connection with those I sired. It just means he’s close, that’s all.

~~Somnambulist (Season 1)~~

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