March 25th, 2020


The Sunnydale Herald Newsletter, Tuesday, March 24 - Wednesday, March 25

JASMINE: Oh, it's all so—
ANGEL: Unworthy?
JASMINE: Wonderful. (kneels beside Cordelia) Cordelia, thank you for protecting me and nourishing me. Your spirit has been my shelter, but you can rest peacefully now. I'm here.
CONNOR: That's all she wanted—to give you life.
JASMINE: And I can feel all of it: the cold floor, the air, this skin. Everything is perfect.
ANGEL: No, it's not. I came here to kill you. I should be punished.
JASMINE: Angel, I can feel your suffering, but now that suffering is going to end.

~~Shiny Happy People (Season 4)~~

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