March 27th, 2020


The Sunnydale Herald Newsletter, Thursday, March 26

BUFFY: I had a bad dream?
JOYCE: Oh, no, you're about to have a bad dream! A dream that you are grounded for the rest of your natural life.

~~Bad Eggs~~

[Drabbles & Short Fiction]
[Chaptered Fiction]
  • AO3 Logo
    • B's Butt Bitch Chapter 6 (Faith/Buffy, E) by MTL17
    • The death of our dear Ripper Chapter 3 (Giles/Ethan, Giles/Jenny, M) by Khoshekh42
    • Helpless No Longer Chapter 11 (Buffy, Kralik, Travers, Scoobies, M) by AliceLost
    • Honeysuckle Chapter 30 (Spike/OC, T) by Mushroom_99
    • I Need A Bad Idea Chapter 1 (Giles/Buffy, E) by Skyson
    • Jealousy Chapter 15 (Fred/Wesley, T) by Fitzsimmons_Forever
    • The White Queen. Chapter 3 (Cordelia, T) by steeleye
    • Wilderness Chapter 10 (Tara/Willow, not rated) by onebuttoneye
    • Coming Undone Chapter 1 (crossover with True Blood and Southern Vampire Mysteries, Spike/Buffy, M) by Eilowyn
    • Cry Havoc, and Let Slip Your Heart Chapter 21 (Spike/Buffy, Xander/Anya, E) by touchstoneaf
    • LA Is the Hell You Make It Chapter 33 (Spike/Buffy, Connor/Gwen Raiden, Angel & Cordelia, E) by touchstoneaf
    • Weird Love Chapter 9 (Spike/Buffy, M) by EllieRose101
  • FFNet Logo
    • Take a Hint Chapter 9 (Tara/Willow, K+) by Golden Waffles
  • Elysian Fields
    • Quiet Among the Dead Chapter 8 (Spike/Buffy, PG-13) by Puppet
    • Weird Love Chapter 9 (Spike/Buffy, R) by EllieRose101
  • WWW Logo
    • Ship of The Line – Effect 31 Chapter 10 (crossover with Star Trek and Mass Effect Trilogy, FR18) by KnifeHand
    • Dungeon Designs and House Keeping Chapter 15 (Tara, Xander, FR18) by MistofRainbows

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