April 1st, 2020


The Sunnydale Herald Newsletter, Tuesday, April 30 - Wednesday, May 1

WILLOW: Xander, what happened? Did Cordelia win another round in the broom closet?
XANDER: You're just a big bucket of funny, Will. I'll have you know I was just accosted by some kind of, um, locker monster.
GILES: Loch Ness Monster?
BUFFY: 'Locker' monster is what he said. But it wasn't really a monster. It was, like, this big arm that came out of the locker, but then we opened it again, it was gone. Nothing.
XANDER: This was right after Buffy's history teacher starts doing some freaky channeling thing in class.
GILES: Ooh! Sounds like paranormal phenomena.
WILLOW: A ghost? Cool!
XANDER: Oh, no, no. No. No cool. This was no wimpy chain rattler. This was 'I'm dead as hell, and I'm not gonna take it anymore.'

~~I Only Have Eyes for You (Season 2)~~

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