April 4th, 2020

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The Sunnydale Herald Newsletter, Friday, April 3

[Drabbles & Short Fiction]
[Chaptered Fiction]
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    • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Shadowed Suspicion Chapter 154 (Ensemble, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure xover, PG-13) by madimpossibledreamer
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    • Big Bad Boyfriend Chapter 15 (Buffy/Spie, NC-17) by bewildered
    • Tomorrow's Concern Chapter 5 (Buffy/Spike, R) by EllieRose101
    • When the Past Meets the Present Chapter 9 (Angelus/Spike, NC-17) by sammikeys
    • I Need A Bad Idea Chapter 9 (Buffy/Giles, NC-17) by Skyson
    • The Umbrella Initiative Chapter 4 (Buffy/Spike, PG-13) by zabjade
    • as day follows night Chapter 16 (Giles/Jenny, Faith, PG-13) by The_Eclectic_Bookworm
    • Family Confidential Episode II: Attack Of The Hormones Chapter 16 (Tara/Willow, PG-13) by Laragh
    • Shag, Spouse, Slay (Buffy the Vampire Slayer FMK) Chapter 2 (Angelus/Reader, NC-17) by ynyseira
    • Diane The Ronin Slayer Chapter 4 (OC, Ensemble, R) by IAmMattis
    • Honeysuckle Chapter 32 (Spike/OFC, PG-13) by Mushroom_99
    • I See You Through The Shadows Chapter 5 (Faith/Jade West, Victorious xover, NC-17) by lizbianoddity
    • The Golden Boy Chapter 2 (Angel, Spike, Dragonriders of Pern xiver, PG-13) by elisi
    • Ad Saltum Fidei Chapter 6 (Faith/Dean Winchester, Supernatural xover, R) by MaSv042
    • Fighting With Family Chapter 3 (Buffy, Giles, Stargate SG-1 xover, G) by Buffyworldbuilder
  • Elysian Fields
    • Mosaic Broken Hearts Chapter 3 (Buffy/Spike, PG-13) by kennedynoelle
    • The Ahhh Truth Chapter 1 (Buffy/Spike, PG-13) by spikeisthebigbad
    • The Treasure House Chapter 2 (Buffy/Spike, PG-13) by Lavender Bixby
    • Door To Yesterday Chapter 1 (Buffy/Spike, R) by pfeifferpack
    • Quiet Among the Dead Chapter 12 (Buffy/Spike, PG-13) by Puppet
  • WWW Logo
    • Scoobies in Neptune Chapter 10 (Ensemble, Veronica Mars xover, PG-13) by lateVMlover
    • Contingency Planning Chapter 10 (Ensemble, Lord of the Rings xover, PG-13) by vidicon

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