May 3rd, 2020

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The Sunnydale Herald Newsletter, Saturday, May 2

SPIKE: Really ought to do something about security. They'll let anybody in here, won't they? Fred gave me the Cliff Notes. So, sailor boy finally came back for a yo-ho-ho, did he?
ANGEL: Finally came back.
SPIKE: Took him long enough. Know revenge is best served cold and all, but his must've been frozen solid.
ANGEL: I don't think that's what he was after.
SPIKE: No? Then what was he looking for?
ANGEL: A reason.

~~Why We Fight, Angel, Season 5~~

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    • Geist, Chapter 1/38 (Incomplete), (Buffy-centric; BtVS/Marvel's Legion; FRM) by EnergyBeing in Twisting the Hellmouth
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