June 3rd, 2020


The Sunnydale Herald Newsletter, Tuesday, June 2 - Wednesday, June 3

XANDER: And a big Sunnydale round of applause for Tito the Amazing, plumber extraordinaire.
TARA: So how's everything looking down there?
XANDER: Like we should start gathering up two of every animal.
TITO: Basically, your pipes are shot. I mean, the whole system's gonna have to be replaced. What you need is a full copper re-pipe job.
WILLOW: Full copper re-pipe? That sounds potentially pricey.
TITO: Well, if you have any questions, our number's on the invoice.
DAWN: That's a weird phone number. Oh, wait. (to Xander) Is that the bill?

~~Flooded (Season 6)~~

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