June 7th, 2020

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The Sunnydale Herald Newsletter, Saturday, June 6

SPIKE: ....I'm not gonna end up like Pavayne--cheating hell any way he could, no matter who it hurt.
FRED: Just proves what I've been telling everybody.
SPIKE: That I'm a handsome devil who brightens the place up?
FRED: That you're worth saving.

~~"Hellbound," Angel (TV), Season 5, Episode 4 (Series Episode #94)~~

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    • Sunnydale's Last Guardians, Chapter 1/18 (Faith/Buffy, Kennedy/Dawn, Tara/Willow, Xander/Anya; FRMA) by RavenclawSlayer
    • The Bond Series, Part 1., "Bonded" (BtVS [film], BtVS [TV]; Posthumous Merrick, Buffy; FRT) by mmooch

  • Elysian Fields
    • Screw Loose, Screwed Up, and Just Plain Screwed, Chapter 5 (Spike, Dru, Buffy, Angel; FRMA) by sweetprincipale
    • Home Is Where the Scourge Is, Chapter 16/? (Buffy/Spike; FRMA) by Touchstoneaf
    • Freaks of Nature...or Nurture? Chapter 9/? (William "Spike" the Bloody/Elizabeth "Buffy" Summers; FRMA) by BluStar11
    • Grave, Chapter 24/? (Buffy/Spike; FRMA) by justsue

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    • Honorbound, Chapters 1-3/? (BtVS/Games/Horror; Tara-centric; FRM) by batzulger
    • Plot Bunnies and Other Ramblings, 1-75/? (Faith-centric; FRM) by Rich
    • Sons and Daughters of Sineya, Chapters 1-7/? (BtVS/Chronicles of Narnia; Buffy and Scoobies; FRM) by dogbertcarroll

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