June 12th, 2020


The Sunnydale Herald Newsletter, Thursday, June 11

Anyanka: You trusting fool! How do you know the other world is any better than this?
Giles: Because it has to be.

~~The Wish~~

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    • Eleanor Chapter 1 (Giles/Buffy, T) by cordy
    • I Play My Part (You Play Your Game) Chapter 1 (crossover with Smallville, Xander/Lucy Lane, T) by bastardsnow
    • Of Vampires and Bones Chapter 1 (crossover with Bones, Buffy, M) by enchanted_nightingale
    • Thoughtless Complications Chapter 1-14 (Angel/Buffy, M) by Scribes1015
    • Define Disaster Chapter 1-5 (Angel/Buffy, not rated) by Scribes1015. COMPLETE!
    • Never Is A Promise Chapter 1-15 (Angel/Buffy, not rated) by Scribes1015. COMPLETE!
    • The Past Is Only The Future With The Lights On Chapter 1-2 (Angel/Buffy, not rated) by butimbroken, Scribes1015. COMPLETE!
    • Your Coffin Or Mine Chapter 1-10 (Angel/Buffy, not rated) by butimbroken, Scribes1015
    • An Alien in Sunnydale Chapter 30 (crossover with Smallville, Scoobies, G) by phoenixnz
    • Anarchy's Child Chapter 4 (crossover with Supernatural and Sons of Anarchy, Faith/Dean, Dawn/Jax, E) by FaithWinchester
    • Sunnydale's Last Guardians Chapter 2 (Faith/Buffy, Kennedy/Dawn, Tara/Willow, Xander/Anya, T) by RavenclawSlayer
    • Complications Chapter 4 (Connor & Andrew, Connor/OC, T) by Emcee
    • Far From Home Chapter 21 (Angel/Buffy, M) by aboutafox
    • Souls Are Forever (Or Are They) Chapter 5 (Angel/Wesley, M) by PerevellSlytherin
    • Delivered Unto Evil Chapter 12 (Angelus/Buffy, M) by JennCvice
    • Visiting Family Chapter 13 (Giles/Buffy, E) by rip24
    • Welcome to Forks Chapter 6 (crossover with Twilight, Buffy & Bella, not rated) by protector91
    • Ad Esse Fortis Chapter 7 (crossover with Robotech The Macross Saga, Scoobies, G) by HMaxMarius
    • Elliott Chapter 4 (Giles/Buffy, E) by froxyn
    • Death Wish Chapter 5 (Spike/Buffy, M) by TheSigyn
    • Every Letter That You Write Me Chapter 30 (Spike/Buffy, M) by othellia
    • Home Is Where the Scourge Is Chapter 14 (Spike/Buffy, E) by touchstoneaf
    • These Violent Delights Chapter 8 (Spike/Buffy, ensemble, E) by touchstoneaf
    • The Umbrella Initiative Chapter 8 (Spike/Buffy, T) by zabjade
    • Reconstruction Chapter 1 (Spike/Buffy, T) by EllieRose101
  • Elysian Fields
    • Perfect Clarity Chapter 2 (Spike/Buffy, R) by MsXGingerXNinja
    • Sleeping Arrangements Chapter 13 (Spike/Buffy, PG-13) by ChryshCn
    • Speranta Lumii Chapter 55 (Spike/Buffy, PG-13) by Irishrose
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    • A White Knight in the Cove Chapter 14 (crossover with Dante's Cove, Xander, FR21) by WhiteKnightDragon

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