June 17th, 2020


The Sunnydale Herald Newsletter, Tuesday, June 16 - Wednesday, June 17

CORDELIA: They're finally in.
DOYLE: They're in.
ANGEL: Okay...?
CORDELIA: Your cards.
DOYLE: The cards.
CORDELIA: Your calling cards to leave with people so they know how to reach you.
DOYLE: Great idea! Calling cards. It's not like you have a signal folks can shine in the sky when ever they need help, you know?
ANGEL: Hey, look at that, there is our number. It's right next to a...a, um...a-a butterfly?
DOYLE: It's obviously not a butterfly, you idiot. It's a-a bird. No, no, wait, it's an owl. A-a bird that hunts at night. Brilliant! It's a-a...
CORDELIA: It's an angel!
ANGEL: An angel. Right. It's an angel!
DOYLE: Brilliant. So obvious and so clever on so many levels...
CORDELIA: Oh, shut up!
DOYLE: Oh, jeez...
CORDELIA: Come on, don't be such a baby. I barely hit you.

~~Lonely Hearts (AtS Season 1)~~

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