July 8th, 2020


The Sunnydale Herald Newsletter, Monday, July 6 - Wednesday, July 8

VICTIM VAMP: Just drop the cliche serial killer crap and stake me already! Please!
DEMON: I tear your guts all inside out. I stitch your guts every all over. Why don't you go dead?
VICTIM VAMP: Why don't you go f— (the demon attacks him) aah! Aah!
DEMON: Pssh! More talky meat.
WESLEY: You can't kill him, not that way. He's already dead. He's a vampire.
DEMON: Hmm, vampire. Like the one with the angry steel?
WESLEY: Angry steel?
DEMON: The one that hurt me in the tunnels back there.
WESLEY: Angel.
WESLEY: That's his name, the one who attacked you.
DEMON: You creatures! Throwing your names all over all the time! That's why you're so weak. Too many are knowing your names, takes your power away.

~~Sacrifice (AtSSeason 4)~~

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