August 8th, 2020

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The Sunnydale Herald Newsletter, Friday, August 7

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      • Drift Away Chapter 2: Keep Walking (The Walking Dead xover, PG-13) by 3am_moonlight
      • The Redemption of Lucius Malfoy – The Start Chapter 1 (Harry Potter xover, PG-13) by beri_fanfic
      • Hello Sisters Chapter 3: Talk to Me (Charmed xover, PG-13) by 3am_moonlight
      • Summers on the Hellmouth Chapter 7 (Buffy, Stargat SG-1 xover, PG-13) by mmooch
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      • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Shadowed Suspicion Chapter 171 (Ensemble, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure xover, PG-13) by madimpossibledreamer
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      • The Night We Met Chapter 16 (Buffy/Faith, R) by Passionpire88
      • A (Mostly) Comprehensive Guide to the End of the World Chapter 7 (Buffy/Spike, R) by MyAnnabell_Lee
      • Crumbs Chapter 14 (Buffy/Spike, NC-17) by HollyDB
      • Family Confidential 3: The Boy Ultimatum Chapter 17 (Tara/Willow, PG-13) by Laragh
      • Be Back Before Twilight Chapter 2 (Buffy/Spike, PG-13) by The100fangirl
      • Death Wish Chapter 13 (Buffy/Spike, R) by TheSigyn
      • Far From Home Chapter 37 (Angel/Buffy, R) by aboutafox
      • From Beneath Me Chapter 4 (Ensemble, Avengers xover, G) by Buffyworldbuilder (lateVMlover)
      • Undone By Love Chapter 21 (Ensemble, The Vampire Diaries xover, R) by Buffyworldbuilder (lateVMlover)
      • Blood of the Father Chapter 4 (Ensemble, Bones xover, PG-13) by Cynder2013
      • Invasion of the Space Vixens. Chapter 11 (Ensemble, multiple xover, PG-13) by steeleye
      • Dance with the Reaper Chapter 5 (Ensemble, Robotech xover, PG-13) by GalaxyWanderer_113
    • Elysian Fields
      • Promise Me Chapter 9 (Buffy/Spike, PG-13) by Lucky_19
      • I Think We've Bonded. Chapter 5 (Buffy/Spike, G) by Raina2000
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      • All These Things Chapter 13 (Buffy, Stargate xover, R) by EnergyBeing
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    many fandoms little time by me

    The Sunnydale Herald Newsletter, Saturday, August 8

    The Sunnydale Herald</em> is currently looking for a few more good editors! Contributing to The Herald is a great way to get your Buffyverse on! For more information, send us an ask (on Tumblr) or send a message (on Livejournal or Dreamwidth) to rahirah. (See our profile page for a link to her account.)

    DOYLE: ....I’m just saying he’s projecting a certain kind of image, and asking for money isn’t part of it. He’s sensitive about that.
    CORDY (getting up): Oh, here he comes. Okay, we’re going to stand up to him.
    DOYLE (standing up): Yup, we’re standing up.
    CORDY: Just as soon as he’s had his coffee.
    DOYLE: Right.
    ANGEL: Morning.
    DOYLE and CORDY: Morning.
    (ANGEL pours himself a cup of coffee, drinks, makes a face)
    ANGEL: What is this?
    CORDY: Last week's coffee. Think of it as Espresso.
    ANGEL: I think my esophagus is melting.

    ~~"I Fall to Pieces," Angel (TV), S1E4~~

    [Drabbles & Short Fiction]
    [Chaptered Fiction]

    • Elysian Fields

      • When All You've Got Is Hurt, "Is It Getting Better?" (9/?) (Buffy/Spike, Dawn, OC; FRMA; TRIGGER WARNINGS) by Twinkles
      • Mosaic Broken Hearts, Chapter 21/? (Buffy/Spike, Anya, Dawn, Giles, Tara, Willow, Xander; FRMA) by kennedynoelle
      • Sweeter El Paso, Texas, "Blackmail and Venues and Flowers, Oh My!" (3/?) (Buffy/Spike, Amy, Andrew, Anya, April, Gunn, Cordy, Dawn, Faith, Fred, Giles, Jenny, Jonathan, Joyce, Lilah, Lorne, Oz, Sam Lawson, Tara, Vi, Wes; FRM) by rkm
      • Living Arrangements, "Day 5 AH" (3/?) (Canon AU; Buffy/Spike, Cordelia, Dawn, Giles, Halfrek, Tara, Wesley, Willow, Xander; FRT) by ChryshCn
      • More Than A Crush, "Love is Your Gift" (21/?) (Buffy/Spike, Anya, Ben, Dawn, Giles, Glory, Joyce, Tara, Willow, Xander Ensemble; FRMA) by all_choseny

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      • Fonzie vs. Buffy, or Fonzie and Buffy, Final Chapter (BtVS/Happy Days; Buffy, Fonzie, et al.; FRT) by Wild
      • A Redhead in the Impala, "This Was an Accident?" (3/?) (BtVS/AtS/SPN; Sam, Dean, Willow, et al.; FRT) by hermione2be
      • The Mountain Seems No More A Soulless Thing, Chapters 1-7/? (BtVS/SG-1; Buffy-centric; FRM) by Hermionetobe
      • 2020 LJ's Twisted Shorts August F-a-D, "The Ted Divergence" (No. 2) (BtVS/post-Three's Company AU; Buffy, Joyce, Ted, Xander, Willow, et al.; FRT) by mmooch

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      • Authors' given ratings usually trusted, but "general audiences" and "K" or "K+" are increased to "FRT" because of original BtVS/AtS series' ratings. Occasional stronger ratings given when chance glances show they're needed. The "F-bomb" requires FRMA, no matter how it's used. Graphic depictions of violence and/or child sexual abuse deferred to next day's editor for private life reasons. Thanks for understanding. :-)

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