August 18th, 2020

  • rahirah

The Sunnydale Herald Newsletter, Monday, August 17 - Tuesday, August 18

WESLEY: No, I'm working late as well. It's fine. (laughs) Sorry to disappoint, Lilah, but I am not waiting at the door with a scowl and burnt pot roast. (laughs) Well, if your lot can have the world destroyed by midnight, we could still— (call waiting beeps) Dammit, hold on. (flashes phone) Price here. One minute. (to his guest) Can Emile put all that together for me?
DELIVERY GUY: It's a pretty funky package. Wouldn't be cheap.
WESLEY: I don't need it to be cheap. I need it to work.
DELIVERY GUY: Yeah, I suppose. Yeah.
WESLEY: (to phone) Go. (pauses) Yes, we'll bloody well take Angel's clients if he's out of town. Call me back with the details in twenty minutes. (flashes phone) Sorry, Lilah, midnight might not be— Uh-huh. Oh, you did? That is my favorite pair. Are you sitting at your desk? Take them off. (to guest) Why are you still here? (guest leaves, then to phone) No, not after your meeting. Now. Pretend you dropped your pencil. (sits down) Very good. Now...

~~The House Always Wins (Season 4)~~

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