August 29th, 2020

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The Sunnydale Herald Newsletter, Friday, August 28

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    • Dandelion Chapter 9 (Stargate SG-1 xover, PG-13) by 3am_moonlight
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    • Before He Screwed It Up Chapter 12 (Buffy/Spike, R) by Hello_Spikey
    • The Neck Chapter 4 (Spike/Xander, NC-17) by Stoneburner
    • The Darkling Chapter 63 (Buffy/Spike, NC-17) by OffYourBird
    • Previously On Chapter 3 (Buffy/Spike, PG-13) by violettathepiratequeen
    • Crumbs Chapter 17 (Buffy/Spike, NC-17) by HollyDB
    • Sunnydale's Last Guardians Chapter 15 (Buffy/Faith, PG-13) by RavenclawSlayer
    • Rogues and Evolution Chapter 6 (Buffy/Faith, NC-17) by CharcoalTeeth
    • Benign Chapter 3 (Buffy/Spike, R) by Jim_Wicked
    • Souls Unbound Chapter 5 (Buffy/Spike, NC-17) by touchstoneaf
    • Prisoners of Love di Bewildered (traduzione in italiano) Chapters 1 - 2 (Buffy/Spike, NC-17) by DarkGiulia69 and kasumi_EFP
    • Scoobies in a Marvel World II Chapter 11 (Ensemble, MCU xover, G) by Buffyworldbuilder (lateVMlover)
    • Undone By Love Chapter 31 (Ensemble, The Vampire Diaries xover, R) by Buffyworldbuilder (lateVMlover)
    • Dance with the Reaper Chapter 20 (Ensemble, Robotech xover, PG-13) by GalaxyWanderer_113
    • Drift Away Chapter 5 (Buffy, The Walking Dead xover, PG-13) by Mirrored_Illusions
    • Don't ever leave me Chapters 1 - 8 (Buffy/Optimus Prime, Transformers xover, PG-13) by OscarsFAIRmaiden
    • Winterlight Chapters 1 - 9 (Faith/Optimus Prime, Transformers xover, PG-13) by OscarsFAIRmaiden
    • Lives changed forever Chapters 1 - 5 (Faith/Optimus Prime, Transformers xover, PG-13) by OscarsFAIRmaiden. Author also archived a number of other BtVS/Transformers crossover stories
    • Welding a Family Chapter 1 (Buffy, MCU xover, PG-13) by lateVMlover
  • FFNet Logo
    • Moments that Make You: The Hero and The Princess Chapter 42 (Cordelia/Doyle, G) by myheadsgonenumb
  • Elysian Fields
    • Speranta Lumii Chapter 61 (Buffy/Spike, PG-13) by Irishrose
    • Promise Me Chapter 19 (Buffy/Spike, PG-13) by Lucky_19
    • Soul Swap Chapter 5 (Buffy/Spike, PG-13) by ZombieRed
    • Skipping the Stone Chapter 55 (Buffy/Spike, R) by sandy_s and Badwolfjedi
    • He's Not My Boyfriend Chapter 2 (Buffy/Spike, PG-13) by DarkEternity96
  • WWW Logo
    • A Touch of Her Style Chapter 11 (Buffy/Spike, Not Rated) by myrabeth

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