September 18th, 2020


The Sunnydale Herald Newsletter, Thursday, September 17

BUFFY: What are you doing?
SPIKE: Making this woman more comfortable. (looks up at Buffy) I'm not sampling, I'll have you know. (looks around) Just look at all these lovely blood-covered people. I could, but not a taste for Spike, not a lick. Know you wouldn't like it.
BUFFY: (amazed) You want credit for not feeding on bleeding disaster victims?
SPIKE: Well, yeah.
BUFFY: You're disgusting. (Walks away)
Spike looks after her in disbelief.
SPIKE: (to himself) What's it take? (sighs, continues helping the injured woman)


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    • More Than A Crush, Chapter 27 (Spike/Buffy, NC-17) by all_choseny
    • He's Not My Boyfriend, Chapter 7 (Spike/Buffy, NC-17) by DarkEternity96
    • Whose Name Was Writ in Water, Chapter 3 (Spike/Buffy, R) by simmony
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    • Death Is But The Next Great Adventure, Chapter 5 (crossover with "Harry Potter", Buffy, FR15) by Sharie

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