October 21st, 2020

  • rahirah

The Sunnydale Herald Newsletter, Wednesday, October 21

FRED: (to Holly and Golden) I can't believe you stayed down here.
HOLLY: Worse up there, ain't it? The world is ending. What does it matter where we go?
GOLDEN: Besides, whatever that evil son-of-a-bitch is, it killed our people, killed my brother. We're gonna kill him right back.
FRED: It's weird, really, us running into you like this. I mean, we—we're professional monster killers. Or we were.
ANGEL: Are, Fred. We are.
(Angel picks up a sword)
GOLDEN: Hey, that belonged to Tommy.
ANGEL: Well, now it belongs to me. Let's go get professional on this evil son-of-a-bitch's ass.

~~Sacrifice (Season 4)~~

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