November 15th, 2020


The Sunnydale Herald Newsletter - Sunday, November 15th

Drusilla: (to the bird) I'll give you a seed if you sing.
Spike: The bird's dead, Dru. You left it in a cage, and you didn't feed it, and now it's all dead, just like the last one.

~~Lie to Me~~

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  • AO3 Logo
    • Twice in A Lifetime Chapter 23 (Buffy/Angel, T) by Sionell89
    • Chosen to Not Fade Away Chapter 15 (Buffy/Spike, E) by buffy_and_spike
    • What You Do Afterwards: Season Two Chapter 8 (Cordelia/Doyle, G) by myheadsgonenumb
    • Vampires in Riverdale Chapter 9 (Riverdale crossover, Buffy, E) by BuffyAndBetty
    • Xander Harris: Incubus King Chapter 3 (The Last Sovereign crossover, Buffy/Xander, E) by Oldwolf
    • Magical Connections Chapter 14 (HP crossover, Buffy, G) by lateVMlover (Buffyworldbuilder)
    • Buffy’s Seven Drunken Nights Chapter 4 (Dawn/Spike, T) by steeleye
    • All About Faith Chapter 89 (Multiple crossovers, Faith/Bruce, E) by Peanutbuttertoast
    • Prisoners of Love di Bewildered (traduzione in italiano) Chapter 11 (Italian, Buffy/Spike, E) by DarkGiulia69, kasumi_EFP
    • Map of the Stars Chapter 6 (SG1 crossover, Buffy/Jack, T) by gracerealized
    • Homewrecker Chapter 12 (Tara/Willow, M) by taylorgirl6
    • Found Complete (Tara/Buffy, T) by Stranger_In_Town
    • The Spider, The Slayer and The Key Chapter 17 (MCU crossover, Dawn/Peter, T) by Aragorn_II_Elessar
    • Broken Not Destroyed Chapter 31 (Arrow crossover, Buffy/Quentin, T) by Buffyworldbuilder
    • Caged Birds Don't Sing Chapter 9 (Faith/Buffy, M) by RavenclawSlayer
    • The Sexual Tension Award Chapter 3 (Cordelia/Buffy, T) by KebbyOriginal
    • And I Still Do (Love You) Chapter 23 (Buffy/Spike, M) by Slaymesoftly
    • Fighting the Darkness Chapter 21 (Multiple crossovers, Buffy, T) by lateVMlover (Buffyworldbuilder)
    • mother says i deserve better Chapter 2 (Buffy/Spike, T) by nothing_is_beautiful_and_true
    • Skipping the Stone Chapter 58 (Buffy/Spike, M) by badwolfjedi, sandy_s
  • Elysian Fields
    • What Goes Around Chapter 5 (Buffy/Spike, NC17) by celtic_goddess
    • Know Your Mind Chapter (Buffy/Spike, NC17) by SzmattyCat
    • First Wives but Second Loves Chapter 11 (Buffy/Spike, R) by rkm
    • Hellmouth Hurricane Chapter 9 (Buffy/Spike, PG13) by sandy_s
    • Anniversary Chapter 22 (Buffy/Spike, NC17) by Nik84
    • Let's Do The Time Warp Again... Chapter 2 (Buffy/Spike, R) by Behind Blue Eyes
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    • The Wizarding World and the Dangerous Muggles Chapter 20 (Multiple crossovers, FR18) by Rich
    • A Sovereign Light to Unite the World Chapter 4 (Multiple crossovers, Xander, FR21) by ShadowMaster

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