December 4th, 2020


The Sunnydale Herald Newsletter, Thursday, December 3

GILES We have a lot of work ahead of us.
FAITH (to Willow) Can I push him in?
WILLOW You've got my vote.
FAITH I just want to sleep, yo, for like a week.
DAWN I guess we all could, if we wanted to.
WILLOW Yeah. (smiles) The First is scrunched, so... what do you think we should do, Buffy?
FAITH Yeah, you're not the one and only chosen anymore. Just gotta live like a person. How's that feel?
DAWN Yeah, Buffy. What are we gonna do now?


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  • AO3 Logo
    • The Needle Drops., Chapter 1 (Spike/Buffy, E) by songagainstsex
    • Dissonance, Chapter 1-3 (Spike/Buffy, not rated) by wolf_shadoe. COMPLETE!
  • Tumblr Logo
    • Timeless Love, Chapter 10 (Drusilla/OC, not rated) by darkjanet2
  • Elysian Fields
    • Daughter of Aurelius, Chapter 20 (Spike/Buffy, NC-17) by Loup Noir
    • What Goes Around, Chapter 11 (Spike/Buffy, NC-17) by celtic_goddess
    • Reordering the Universe, Chapter 7 (Spike/Buffy, Adult Only) by Touchstoneaf
  • WWW Logo
    • Strange Land, Chapter 4 (Spike/Buffy, 13+) by Zab Jade
    • The Umbrella Initiative, Chapter 8 (Spike/Buffy, 13+) by Zab Jade

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