January 19th, 2021


The Sunnydale Herald Newsletter, Monday, January 18

HALFREK: You people deserve to be cursed. Enjoy your time together. From now on ... all you have is time. Time ... and each other. Good luck!
Dramatic music swells. Halfrek makes a dramatic motion with both arms, but does not disappear.
HALFREK: Wait ... (nervous laugh) Wait. (muttering to herself) Time, and each other.
Dramatic music. Dramatic arm gesture. Halfrek again fails to disappear. She looks annoyed.
ANYA: (rolling her eyes) It's the curse, Hallie.
HALFREK: Oh, for crying out loud. Fine, the curse is lifted! We can all leave now! ... Damn it.
She snaps her fingers and disappears.

~~Older and Far Away~~

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