February 3rd, 2021

  • rahirah

The Sunnydale Herald Newsletter, Tuesday, February 2 - Wednesday, February 3

BUFFY: Don't let your dad near the bar.
XANDER: Check. Number two?
BUFFY: Don't let your mom near the bar.
XANDER: Check.
DAWN: Hey Buffy. Spike's here and he brought a total skank.
BUFFY: (confused) A-
DAWN: Skank! A manic-panicked freak who he's like totally macking with right in the middle of the room. (they stop walking) I saw him shove his tongue-
BUFFY: Spike brought a date?
DAWN: Yeah. (snickering) Wait till you see her.

~~Buffy Season 6 Episode #116: "Hells Bells"~~

Hey All – The Sunnydale Herald is still looking for a new editor (or two!) Look, you guys know how it goes: an editor retires, we post for new people, no one responds, a couple of months go by, we lose another editor, we post the Big Desperate Begging Post saying that if we don't get a couple of new volunteers, we're going to have to cut back or something, and then, finally, so far at least, we get another volunteer or two. So why not cut out the middleman and volunteer now? Don't make us break out the Big Desperate Begging Post!
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