February 10th, 2021

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Sunnydale Herald Usage Poll

Hi All,

We haven't gotten any response to our latest call for a new editor, so we're looking at possibly cutting down on the volume or frequency of posts, so as not to burn the remaining editors out. In order for us to make the best decision on what to keep/drop, I've put together a poll here! Please take a moment to fill it out!
  • rahirah

The Sunnydale Herald Newsletter, Tuesday, February 9 - Wednesday, February 10

Giles: Willow?
Willow: Don't warn the tadpoles!
Giles: Are you alright?
Willow: Giles, what are you doing here?
Giles: It's the library, Willow. You fell asleep.
Willow: (looks around) Oh! I...
Giles: Don't warn the tadpoles?
Willow: I... I have frog fear.
Giles: Oh.
Willow: I'm sorry. I conked out.
Giles: What? Please. You've gone quite beyond the call of duty. (sits) But, but, I-I... uh, fortunately, I think I may have found something finally.
Willow: You did?
Giles: I-I found a-a description of the missing Du Lac manuscript. It's a ritual, Willow. Now, I-I, uh... (gets up to pace) I haven't managed to decipher the exact details, but I-I... I believe the purpose is to restore a weak and sick vampire back to full health.
Willow: A vampire like Drusilla?
Giles: Exactly.

~~Episode #21: "What's My Line, PtI"~~

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