February 21st, 2021

Sunnydale  Herald

The Sunnydale Herald Newsletter, Saturday, February 20th

VAMPIRE: What is your malfunction, man?!
SPIKE: It's Halloween, you nit! We take the night off. Those are the rules.
VAMPIRE: Me and mine don't follow no stinkin' rules! We're rebels!
SPIKE: No. I'm a rebel. You're an idiot.

~~All The Way~~

The Sunnydale Herald is currently looking for a few new editors. For more information, send us an ask (on Tumblr) or contact thenewbuzwuzz on Livejournal or Dreamwidth!

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The Sunnydale Herald Newsletter - Sunday, February 21st

The Sunnydale Herald is currently looking for a few good editors! Contributing to the Herald is a great way to get your Buffy on! For more information, send us an ask (on Tumblr) or post a reply to this post (on Livejournal or Dreamwidth)!

Cordelia: Do you know what Angelus would do if we let him out?
Lilah: Kill you all in a bloody shower of violence, but hey— (puts her hands together as if in prayer) greater good.


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  • AO3 Logo
    • The Sun Chapter 3 (Tara/Willow, T) by heckate
    • Deliverance (Ashes to Ashes) Chapter 1 (Drusilla/Spike, M) by Coldest_Fire
    • Rebirth: A Stargate Tale Chapter 19 (Stargate crossover, Buffy, T) by Buffyworldbuilder
    • We're as Sick as our Secrets: Where are They Now? Complete (Multiple crossovers, Faith/Buffy, M) by StrangeBint
    • Little Harmonic Labyrinth Chapter 21 (Star Trek Voyager crossover, Buffy, NR) by Energybeing
    • Vampire and His Human Child Chapter 2 (Spike, T) by PuellaPulchra
    • Klaus and the Dark Slayer Chapter 9 (Multiple crossovers, T) by Buffyworldbuilder
    • De magia memorias Chapter 7 (Ethan/Giles, NR) by Mr_Motley
    • A New Compadre Chapter 2 (Giles, M) by Ali3ghouse
    • Different direction taken Chapter 38 (Tara/Faith, M) by Nerdzilla91
    • Death Is Buffy's Next Big Adventure Chapter 30 (HP crossover, Buffy/Tom Riddle, T) by Sharie1
    • A Devil in the City of Angels Chapter 10 (Daredevil crossover, Angel, T) by Aragorn_II_Elessar
    • Things Change Chapter 2 (Spike/Angel, E) by VioletArroyo
    • Immortal Memory Chapter 35 (Highlander crossover, Buffy, T) by Vidicon666
    • Hypnopompia Chapter 19 (Faith/Buffy, E) by aliceinwonderbra
    • What Makes A Monster Chapter 26 (Buffy/Spike, T) by SleepingTigress
    • Shadow Over Hellmouth Chapter 7 (Tara & Buffy, T) by Tuxedo_Mark
    • Learning to Deceive Chapter 38 (HP crossover, Willow/Snape, T) by WeyrWolfen
    • Lives Changed Forever Complete (Transformers crossover, Faith/Optimus, T) by PrimesSPARROW7773
  • Elysian Fields
    • A Time For Everything Chapter 6 (Buffy/Spike, NC17) by Nik84
    • Pretty Petals Chapter 34 (Buffy/Spike, NC17) by Dusty
  • Tumblr Logo
    • UC Sunnyhell Part 1 (Spike/Reader, NR) by prose-for-hire
  • TTH Logo
    • Variations On A Scene Chapter 57 (Multiple crossovers, Xander, FR15) by Greywizard
    • Key to the Stars Chapter 46 (Stargate crossover, Dawn, FR13) by Cordyfan

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