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10 April 2017 @ 10:28 pm
The Sunnydale Herald Newsletter, Sunday, April 9 - Monday, April 10  
GILES: Good morning.
XANDER: Mornin'. Guess what I just heard in the office? No Dr. Gregory today. Ergo, those of us who blew off our science homework aren't as dumb as we look.
BUFFY: What happened, is he sick?
XANDER: They didn't say anything about sick, something about missing.
BUFFY: He's missing?
XANDER: Well, let me think. Um, the cheerleaders were modeling their new short skirts, that kinda got... Yeah! Yeah, they said missing. Which is bad?
BUFFY: If something's wrong, yeah!
WILLOW: He's one of the only teachers that doesn't think Buffy's a felon.

~~Teacher's Pet~~

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