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14 April 2017 @ 12:25 am
Newsletter, Thursday 13th April  
XANDER: You were trying to stake yourself!
SPIKE: Fag off! It's no concern of yours.
XANDER: Is, too. For one thing that's my shirt you're about to dust. For another, we've shared a lot here. You should have trusted me enough to do it for you.
WILLOW: Xander!
XANDER: What? He wants to die, I want to help.
WILLOW: It's ooky. We know him, we can't just let him poof himself!
SPIKE: Oh, but you can. You know I'd drain you drier than the Sahara if I had half a chance. And besides, I'm beyond pathetic. Stuck in this basement washing skivvies for a blighter I wouldn't have bothered to bite a few months ago.
SPIKE: I mean, am I even remotely scary anymore? Tell me the truth.

~~Doomed ~~

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