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su_herald's Journal

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The Sunnydale Herald
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about this journal
This journal is a newsletter for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel fans to keep up with their fandom. Six days out of the week we post links to what we find interesting in fandom on that day, including: a small selection of the day's quality fics, icons or graphics, various meta posts, and news. It is selective and we try our best to provide good links on a daily basis. Please note that this is a closed community: the only members are the editors; however you can read The Sunnydale Herald by watching this community or adding it as a friend.

For more on our policies, how this community is run and before asking a question please read our FAQ.

rahirah: manager/maintainer

your editors

fancyflautist Sunday
Dreamkist (posting as sd_herald) Monday
rahirah: Tuesday/Wednesday
thenewbuzwuzz: Thursday
rbfvid: Friday
nondenomifan: Saturday

contact us!
To contact rahirah: rahirah at centurylink dot net, or send a PM
To contact the editors: Just leave a comment on the most recent entry.

This journal is not suitable for those under 18 years of age or the legal age of adulthood in the country you reside. Links not suitable for underage children may include sexual content/imagery, violent content/imagery and references/content indicative of taboo subjects.
We hold no responsibility over your reactions/actions regarding these links. You click at your own risk.

additional notes of interest
sd_herald is our watcher journal.

thanks for reading!

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